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 10.00 MGN-01
Out of stock
 39.00 TWL-08
 39.00 BBG-01
Out of stock
 16.00 GBB-360/1

our latest creations!

 12.00 KSMB-1040


shell bracelet

 15.00 KSMB-SH03
 18.00 KSMN-423
 15.00 KSMN-422
 15.00 KSMN-421

half price items

Out of stock
 12.50  6.25 KOSM.N239/240
 25.00  12.50 KOSM.B32nc-36nc
 10.00  5.00 KOSM.B26/28/31nc
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good luck charms

gift for good luck for 2019

 12.00  6.00 GCHR-811/2
 10.50  5.25 P.CLE498d/499b