about us!

‘We specialise in good luck charms in various forms and for every season.’


the name of our company, is a Greek expression, used when small mishaps occur, like spilling your wine, to remind us that better luck is just around the corner!

We specialize in designing and fabricating good luck charms in various styles & colors and for all seasons, either decorative, for the house or workplace (also as a business or corporate gift), for holidays or special occasions, e.g. gifts for newborns, for cars & bikes, or in the form of keyrings & jewelry.

about us
about us

our story

The company was set up in 2004, in Athens, Greece. At the time, the good luck charm was perhaps more of a niche product. Today, if someone wants to make a gift on a social occasion, it is one of his/her main choice. We ‘d like to think that we have something to do with that as we have tried from the start to make good luck charms more modern and original. Perhaps a small testament to this is that in Google, we rank on the first page for several types of good luck charms in Greek, while we are also working our way up in English.

our shops

In terms of retail, other than our website gouri-gouri.com, we have two shops, one in Kolonaki, the most upmarket area of Athens and one in Syntagma. Our locations are on a main passage of tourists to the various sites nearby. People from all around the world regularly appreciate our creations.


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