decorative good luck charms

These charms make the perfect good luck gift for any home, office, shop etc.! Ideal as gifts for social occasions, dinners and well wishing for a new house, a new shop or a new business. Also suitable as corporate or business gifts. Used to decorate walls, doors, windows, tables and other furniture. Our good luck charms have a loop from which they are usually hanged, but they also have a subtle adhesive strip which, as you can see on the video below, gives you a lot more choice about where to append them. The adhesive, when removed, usually leaves no mark or stain at all and saves you having to use nails or screws on your surface. Available in various styles and colors: Light colors and natural elements for the summer, red and darker colors & elements for winter & Christmas and, finally, earthly colors for our all-season line.

All our lucky charms are handmade by us using carefully chosen materials combined to create chic designs. Elements made of metal are usually made of zamak, an alloy of metals, which is either gold, silver or bronze plated in order to achieve the desired color. Glass elements are also handmade. Sometimes we also use things we find in nature, like hay and shells. All these we tie together with ribbons and cords made from cotton, silk, sack, suede, waxed string, natural string etc.

good luck charms

decorative Christmas charm

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good luck charms

Christmas charm for home

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good luck charms

good luck charm with cross

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good luck charms

gift with cross

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good luck charms

decorative good luck charm

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good luck charms

Merry Christmas charm

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good luck charms

boy & girl Christmas charm

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good luck charms

Seasons’ Greetings charm

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