lucky charm jewellery

Although good luck charms are usually in the form of decorative items, they can also take the form of jewelry. At gouri-gouri we create jewellery with special meanings within the good luck context.

As expected, the evil eye features very often in our line-up, either as the main element of the bracelet or necklace or as a secondary feature. Depending on the season, we also use other symbols like spirals and waves or beads from lightstone or lava, each with their own meaning.

 12.00 KSMB-H1
 12.00 KSMB-H2
 12.00 KSMB-H3
 12.00 KSMB-1040


shell bracelet

 15.00 KSMB-SH03
 15.00 KSMB-PH01
 12.00 KSMB-SH01


summer bracelet

 12.00 KSMB-SUM01
 12.00 KSMB-1136
 12.00 KSMB-LV2
 14.50  10.00 KOSM.B426t/w/y
 12.00 KSMB-814-8
 11.00  9.00 KSMB-LF
 14.50 KOSM.B431-44


lava bracelet

 11.50 KOSM.B469-78
 12.00 KSMR-PH01


2020 bracelet

 12.00  6.00 KSMB-68nc
 12.00  6.00 KSMB-70nc
 12.00 KSMB-1331