every day bracelets!

For this summer, we are using a lot or turquoise and black in our bracelets. These two colours are very much in fashion and they also feature in our necklaces, hats and other accessories.

The light or dark turquoise beads are usually hematite. In terms of black, we use hematite again, but also lava. Many bracelets mix these with pyrite beads which have their very own special, golden-like, colour.

In terms of symbols, the fish or fishtail often feature in our new summer bracelets this season, while subtle evil eyes continue to be popular choices for many.

 13.00  10.40 KSMB-1400
 13.00  10.40 KSMB-1401
 13.00  10.40 KSMB-1402
 15.00  12.00 KSMB-1405
 13.00  10.40 KSMB-1403
 15.00  12.00 KSMB-1404
 13.00  10.40 KSMB-1406
 14.00  11.20 KSMB-1407
 16.00  12.80 KSMB-1409
 13.00  10.40 KSMB-1412
 12.00  9.60 KSMB-1040


shell bracelet

 15.00  12.00 KSMB-SH03
 19.00  15.20 KSMB-SH02
 16.00  12.80 KSΜΑΒ-01
 17.00  13.60 KSMAB-02
 15.00  12.00 KSMB-PH01
 12.00 KSMB-SH01


summer bracelet

 12.00  9.60 KSMB-SUM01
 12.00  9.60 KSMB-1136
 15.00  12.00 KSMB-1138
 15.00  12.00 KSMB-1137
 12.00 KSMB-LV2
 14.50  10.00 KOSM.B426t/w/y

You may also … wear our good luck charms! Everything we make embraces our desire to wish the bearer happiness and good fortune.

All our bracelets are handmade by us using carefully chosen threads, cords and leather combined to create chic designs. Elements made of metal are usually made of zamak, a nickel-free alloy of metals, which is either gold, silver or bronze plated in order to achieve the desired colour.