handmade keyrings and keychains

A keyring and a good luck charm for him or her! For the keys of your home or office, car or bike, etc. Also suitable for hotels and as corporate gifts. We have various styles and colors: Light colors and natural elements for the summer, red and darker colors & elements for winter & Christmas and, finally, earthly colors for our all-season line.

All keychains are handmade. We carefully choose materials and combine them to create original designs. Metal elements are usually made of zamak, an alloy of metals, which is either gold, silver or bronze plated in order to achieve the desired color. Glass elements are also handmade. All these are tied together with ribbons and cords made from cotton, silk, sack, suede, waxed string, natural string etc.

 12.00 PCLE-2440
 12.00 PCLE-2304
 12.00 PCLE-2323
 12.00 PCLE-2342
 12.50 PCLE-2348
 12.00 PCLE-563/574
 19.90 PCLE-53nc
 12.00 PCLE-2344
 19.90 PCLE-2260
 19.00 PCLE-2439
 12.00 PCLE-2222
 12.00 PCLE-2214
 12.00 PCLE-2215
 12.00 PCLE-2205
 12.00 PCLE-2237
 12.00 PCLE-2229