Our wholesale section for the new season is now open again! Here is a quick preview of some of the new items we have added. To view our full range, please log-in to the wholesale section.


Decorative good luck charms

Starting with our decorative good luck charms, these come in two styles, the all-season charms, in, mostly, earthly colours and neutral elements suitable for all year round, and the summer charms with vivid colours and elements about the sea.

Our all-season charms often feature a thick cord in brown natural colour but this year we have also thrown dark blue into the mix thus creating new colour combinations.

We also have a new, lightly coloured, all-season design with a big handmade evil eye in three colours as the main element.

good luck charm with large red evil eye
good luck charm with large light blue evil eye
good luck charm with large blue evil eye

Our summer charms often feature fish, shells etc., and this year is no exception, with two fish designs made of glass and one charm with a big sea urchin shell.

summer good luck charm with fish
summer gift for new house with fish
gift for home with large sea urchin shell

A new thing in our summer charms are the multi-colour beads and pompons.

good luck gift with horseshoe and evil eyes in blue

Car charms

We have three new car charm designs. By using natural rope, hay and clay, they look, feel and smell of summer!

"ftou" car mirror charm
car charm with hay
rear-view mirror charm with blue tufts

Also, we have taken some of our top-selling designs and have created sets with matching keyrings.

rear view mirror charm and keyring
car charm with garlic and keyring combo
car charm and keyring set for girls

Baby charms

In the baby charm section, we continue to offer our own unique designs, from small ones attachable to the clothing or the baby’s duffle bag to larger charms for decorating the baby’s bed or room. For this new season, there are two new decorative baby charms, one with a large evil eye made of clay and one with a small jar filled with evil eyes.

gift for newborn baby girl
good luck charm for newborn baby boy


Following on from our very successful leather keyring line-up, we have launched two new more affordable leather designs, one with a more discreet leather loop and one with a leather band loop.

leather keyring for car keys
leather keychain with boat


Lava beads and evil eyes feature prominently in our new designs.

burgundy lava bracelet with gold-plated fish
turquoise summer bracelet with lava stones
lava bracelet with evil eye


In our necklace section three new summer designs stand out: The jar filled with sand and shells, the donkey which is in fashion this year and the sea urchin.

necklace with starfish and shells in jar with silver sand
turquoise sea urchin long necklace

Dog collars

This year we also have a new item in our line-up, a very special dog collar for our very special friends!

black dog collar with evil eyes
beige dog collar with evil eyes
red dog collar with evil eyes