wholesale for Christmas & Winter 2020!



We offer an extended range of good luck charms for wholesale. It is redesigned twice per year: Once for the Christmas and winter season and once for the Easter/spring/summer period. It includes lucky charms for all-season, winter, summer, Christmas or Easter (inc. paschal candles), newborns, cars & bikes etc. and keyrings, jewelry, decorative chaplets etc. We like to use good quality metal designs, handmade glass and, often, natural stuff.

For over 10 years, we have supplied many retailers throughout Greece and also have long running partnerships abroad. We are also present in all the Duty Free Shops in ports, airports and points of entry/exit at borders. We are proud to be recognized for our aesthetic and distinguished design.

access to the wholesale section

To access this section, please make sure that:

  • You have registered on this site (through the my account page) and that
  • you have e-mailed us in order to have your account converted to a wholesale account.

Once you have an active wholesale account, please login through “my account” and proceed to browse the site. This way, only items available for wholesale will be visible.


If you are interested in ordering, please note the following:

  • The minimum order is €100 net.
  • Please submit your order via email, not the shopping cart.
  • Please ignore the items in stock shown in the system.
  • All items are made to order so there is a preparation period of 2/3 weeks required before shipping.
  • Orders are fulfilled subject to availability of resources. The earlier you submit your order the higher the degree of fulfilment. Also, orders with multiple pieces in a smaller set of items are more likely to be fulfilled than orders with just one piece in a many different of codes.