gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Here is a selection of gifts for this special day! We have mainly bracelets and necklaces which could be the ideal gift you are looking for her for Valentine’s day! But we also have a few keyrings and car & bicycle charms suitable for both him and her.

 8.00 KSMN-414
 12.00 KSMN-287

jewellery sale

evil eye necklace

 10.00 KOSM.N-RE
 6.50 KSMN-186

jewellery sale

long evil eye necklace

 6.00 KSMN-544
 19.90 PCLE-488g
 19.90 PCLE-488
 10.50 PCLE-30nc
 8.00 KSMB-426
 13.00 KSMB-1416
 13.00 KSMB-1415

bicycle charms

bicycle charm

 7.80 BCH01/02
 11.50 GAUT-092